Next morning we headed out of Indian Cove to finish the headland crossing and reach the Bay of Exploits. We hoped to spend a few days there, setting up a base camp and exploring the many islands of this bay.


Here was our route, across the remaining headlands, a long windy crossing of Ship Run, reaching the two Exploits Islands. We tried to find the passage that bisects the islands but couldn't see it. We ended up going around the far side of the second island. This turned out to be fortunate, as we found a wonderful place to camp.


One of the coves we looked at as a possible campsite but then didn't use. It had the clearest, quietest water of any I saw there. The bottom was clearly seen at 30 feet of depth. It was a bit marshy for camping though.


Mark sets up the kitchen at Lobster Cove. We planned to be here several days so the kitchen is made very sturdy. Bugs here were hardly a problem. A few mosquitoes showed up at dusk, but otherwise we weren't bothered. We had not seen another boat or person in three days. We'd forgotten to pack a pot-scrubber to clean our pots, and here on the beach we found a perfect scrub brush washed up on the beach, like new. We used it for the rest of the trip. Sometimes the mess of human presence is welcome.


The view just beyond our cove. Island after island, volcanic rock.

The view from our tentsite at low tide.


Panoramic view of our cove and campsite (scroll across to see it all). Mussels were abundant in the little cove. We helped ourselves.

The next cove south of us. This is looking north toward where we were camped. Too many islands to explore in a week, much less in the 2 days that we had. Wildflowers were blooming everywhere. Mark saw whales just outside this cove.


View in the other direction, toward the other Exploits Island. We seemed to have the entire Bay of Exploits to ourselves.

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