Day five was designated as a day of rest. Wind was steady at about 20 knots. So we went paddling. We headed up the channel between the two Exploits Islands to escape the wind and see what we could see. Above is the landscape we found, a little village of houses dotted across the rock.

Note the outhouse perched over the water on the right - there is no septic on the islands - the ocean does the cleaning.


Here was our route, going from right to left and then back again - 6.06 miles. As we got to the upper end of the channel, Mark mentioned that there was a location called "The Lookout". He pointed to a big knob of rock up ahead. We got out and climbed it.

There was an old cemetery on the way. Most of the stones were from the 1860's.

Mark found one that listed four children who all died within a year of one another. Must have been a tough life on The Rock.


We climb up the Lookout.


The incredible panoramic view (scroll across) of the headlands (left and right) and the bay and islands inside. In the far distance on the right are the headlands we crossed to get to the Bay of Exploits. Breathtaking views.


On the way back we passed this island made of lava blobs. Newfoundland is a geologic study. The island is made of four distinct types of rock. We had crossed into the ancient volcanic section at the Bay of Exploits. It was not comfy rock for sitting - jagged and rough.

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