Little Sheep Island. This is the whole island.


Crotch Island is still a working granite quarry. The rock from here was used to build Grand Central Station. I saw a bald eagle near here.



On the last day there was actual Maine fog. I was so excited! I got on the water as soon as I could and used my compass and chart to cross to an island. Found it too! But alas, the fog lifted within 20 minutes. Here already it begins to clear.


A little lingering fog on Russ Island, which has an old quarry.


Some beaches were covered with shells. It's hard to believe how many creatures died to make these beaches.


Obligatory wildlife shot. Awww...cute.


Had to be some of these at Deer Isle. This doe and fawn were on Wreck Island.


Me working on a sunburn. Ask me if I cared!







the end