In early November I set out for Sicily. My plan was to take a train from Palermo to Castelvetrano in the south, purchase food and water, and set out on foot northwestward toward Trŕpani, some 45-50 kilometers distant. Once there, I would rest for a few days and then take a ferry to the westernmost of the égadi islands, Maréttimo. There I could hike and explore for several days before returning to the mainland. If there was time, I wanted to check out the Zingaro Nature Preserve in the north before returning to Palermo to fly home. And once back in the states, I planned to spend a day in Manhattan, finding out what New York City was about. With backpack, map and 4 months of study of Italian, I set out.

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[I've been advised that this travelogue needs a map of the area. Here's a link to one, thanks John:  http://www.sicilian.net/maps/trapani.html  ]

Castelvetrano to Trŕpani        Trŕpani        Maréttimo        Palermo    Manhattan