Maréttimo is the westernmost of the three égadi islands, west of Trŕpani. It has one small town of 300 residents (seen above in the white jetty near the top) and the rest of the island is wild and deserted except by herds of goats and a diminutive form of bighorn sheep.

 The hillsides are covered with thyme (hence the island's name) and rosemary and mints and all manner of other aromatic plants.

My plan was to hike up and out until I found a nice secluded spot for camping, and to make that my base camp for hiking all over the island.

The terrain was very rugged, the paths dangerous. They were the most difficult I have ever hiked. Here is one, if you can distinguish it, winding through the center of the photo. Clearly, a misstep would be bad news. In places I had to climb with both hands and feet up over rock faces.

But the views were spectacular and made it all worthwhile. This is a view of the Roman fortress atop Punta Troica.

I saw no one else as I hiked although I did share the path with goats.

Some were more interested in me than others.

I was a happy hiker, stopping to drink in the views around every turn.

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