We paddled through Leading Tickles, through a maze of islands, and did a several-mile crossing of New Bay to reach the headlands. From here it was open ocean on one side, sheer rock cliff on the other. There was no landing area on the headlands except for Fortune Bay, some five miles along the coast. This was a committed paddle, only to be attempted in good weather. We were lucky to have calm seas and a gentle tailwind.

We marveled at the incredible coastline, the enormity of the cliffs, the harsh rugged seascape. There were a lot of black scoters here. We found a starfish at our lunch stop.


Our route through the islands of Leading Tickle, across New Bay, and along the headlands to Indian Cove - 18.57 miles.


At Indian Cove, we found a waterfall. As we paddled up to it, a bald eagle lifted out of the trees and soared above us.


This was our campsite for the night, deep in Indian Cove. We found a tidal pool that had been warming in the sun all day - this was our hot tub to soothe aching muscles. I got lots of rest and began to feel better. Mark filled the sunshower with stream water and set it out to heat in the sun so that we could wash off the salt.

Kate contemplates the universe.


We started the campfire as the sun slowly drifted toward the horizon.


Sunset over Indian Cove.

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