Tuesday, September 5, 2007

Up at dawn. Water had calmed. I packed up, eating the last crackers for breakfast. By the time I was leaving, already the wind was coming up, the breakers building. Scooting around Point Enragee, I could relax and rest in a little cove. A seal popped up to say good morning; two more saw me on my way back to town.

I turned in my park permit. The ranger said it was good I'd come back. He showed me the warning on the computer weather page, in red (in French, but red is universal). Then he said, in his limited English, "Today..." and he puffed his cheeks and blew hard for wind. I don't want to know what that kind of wind would do to my cove.

The Canadian Park Service, being very civilized, offers free hot showers. I was deeply grateful after six days without.

Now I've driven 7 hours south to Le Bergeronnes, to a camping area called Paradis Marin. It's the perfect spot for the rest of my trip.

View from my campsite at Paradis Marin. There is a whale in this picture, at about the center of the frame. There would be many more. I had signed on for one night here, figuring to move to the Saguenay the next day. But when I saw all the whales here and how beautiful it is, I went back and paid for two more nights.

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